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Cupping in Melbourne

Cupping in Melbourne - Cupping therapy is combined with Remedial Massage and Myotherapy treatments. Cupping Therapy first originated from Chinese Medicine. Cupping benefits tight muscles, lower back pain and activates the lymphatic system. Cupping therapy uses plastic or glass cups on the skin and by using suction pulls the skin upward into the cup like a vacuum. Cupping with massage has many health benefits.

Cupping Benefits

What does cupping do? Cupping Therapy cups helps to increase new blood flow to the area which releases soft tissue, tight fascia and connective tissue adhesions creating more room more movement. By promoting this blood flow and its associated nutrients cupping therapy reduces muscle tension and inflammation allowing for healing to the area essential for muscular health. Cupping is usually applied on the back but can be used on the legs, shoulders, hands and face. Dynamic cupping is where the cups are placed on the skin and are moved along the area.

Cupping in Melbourne
Cupping Therapy

Cupping Massage

There are many different types of cupping styles and techniques. Let's have a look at them all and how they differ. 

  • Suction Cupping or Dry cupping is the most common type of cupping therapy used. By using a suction like gun attached to the cup tip of the cup, the air is pulled up creating a vacuum within the cup drawing the tissue into the cup. 

  • Massage cupping is also known as dynamic or glide cupping, is also a popular cupping style. This type of cupping involves gliding the cup over the affected area such as the back. This causes a myofascial release by combining both massage and cupping together. 

  • Wet cupping, also called Hijama Cupping uses is where the therapist will make small incisions in the area then the cups are applied to the body. Blood will be drawn out of the body in the vacuum.

  • Needle cupping uses acupuncture needles in conjunction with the cup. The acupuncture needle will be inserted into the underlying tissue first, with the cup being placed over the needle immediately afterwards.

  • Fire cupping or heat cupping requires that the practitioner use a cotton ball that has been soaked in methylated spirits and then set alight, to heat the air inside the cup. As the oxygen inside the cup is consumed, the vacuum is formed.

  • Silicone cupping uses clear, flexible, silicone cups. This method has been found to eliminate or at least reduce the bruising that generally accompanies cupping.

Cupping Bruises

Cupping has little dangers involved and is safe when done by a qualified massage therapist. How long do cupping bruises last? When the colour of cupping bruises or marks are dark this means there are more toxins in the lymphatic system in that area of the body, often meaning tighter muscles and less circulation of the muscle. Cupping bruises can last from 4 days to sometimes 2 weeks depending on how easily your skin bruises. Often there is minimal soreness from cupping after treatment. Sometimes you can feel drowsy as the body is healing and activating the lymphatic system to move and eliminate toxins.

These cupping marks are nothing to be worried about and will disappear in a short time. While there's not much scientific evidence supporting the benefits of cupping it is used by many and is relaxing therapy to try. If you're looking for cupping near me book in today to try cupping therapy in Melbourne.

Cupping in Melbourne
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