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Massage Fairfield - Myotherapy, Sports, Remedial Massage

Are you suffering from pains, aches and niggling headaches? Looking for a holistic treatment method to improve your overall wellness? If yes, you are in the right place. Serving patients across Fairfield and the surrounding suburbs, Motion Myotherapy has been providing a variety of remedial massage therapies to deal with a variety of mental, physical and emotional ailments.

Motion Myotherapy Fairfield Remedial Massage Fairfield

Our Popular Massage Techniques Include:

Myotherapy Fairfield:

Our dedicated team of myotherapists treat many conditions such as neck and back pain, postural problems, joint pains and other forms of muscular problems by combing massage and other techniques such as

  • Heat therapy

  • Cryotherapy

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

  • Cupping 

  • Corrective exercises

  • Dry needling

Remedial Massage Fairfield:

Even a moderate injury can result in structural pain or loss of function. In that case, remediation is required to eliminate the pain or restore the function. Our remedial massage therapy is designed to balance the tone, length and tension of muscles and tendons. This helps to restore the correct position of the bones, increasing blood flow and healing the injuries faster.

Pregnancy Massage Fairfield:

Pregnancy can put a lot of stress and strains on a woman not just on the body but on the mind as well. Our pregnancy massage therapy benefits you in different ways – reduces emotional stress and anxiety whilst stimulating deep relaxation, peaceful sleep, and circulation of essential nutrients throughout the body among others.

For any questions you may have pertaining to our massage therapies, feel free to give us a call on (03) 9114 2890.

Looking for a massage near Fairfield. Being the neighbouring suburb to Northcote Fairfield is nearby to Motion Myotherapy massage place. We provide remedial massage in Fairfield and surrounding areas. 

It is easily accessible by car from Station Street and located close to the Northcote Plaza with on-street parking.

The services we offer are;


Remedial Massage

Dry Needling

Book online or call for Clinical Myotherapy, Remedial Massage near me and sports massage therapy services for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

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