What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage performed by a Remedial Massage Therapist is a form of deep tissue massage focusing on tight and restricted soft tissue causing sore muscles and aching joints. A Remedial Massage Therapist aims to increase soft tissue flexibility, joint mobility assisting in recovery and prevention of injury by using trigger point therapy.

Muscle tension or chronic pain can be a result of a combination of factors such as stress from work, prolonged hours sitting behind a desk, lower activity levels or sports injuries. Soft tissue tension over time leads to movement imbalances and postural dysfunctions causing musculoskeletal pain.


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What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage is specifically used to effectively releases tight, overused or strained muscles associated with intense sports training loads. Deep tissue massage works by increasing blood flow to the tissues, assisting with scar tissue breakdown and encouraging lymphatic drainage of swelling and waste products.Treatment assists in sports performance to aid recovery time, reduce muscle tightness and prevent sports related strains and injury. Muscles without rest take longer to recover especially if combined with long hours sitting at a desk.

How Can Remedial Massage Help?

  • Massage helps to promote blood flow and lymphatic fluid which increases circulation of healthy nutrients and oxygen to the injured site and assists in the removal of wastes and toxins in the blood

  • Massage helps improve elasticity and stretch in muscles and soft tissues

  • Massage can help relax muscles, stress levels and improve sleep

  • Sports Massage can help athletes and sports performers by increasing flexibility in muscles and soft tissue as well as reducing recovery time of from sports or ongoing related injuries

  • Remedial Massage can be used as injury prevention before a tight muscle turns into a injury meaning time of sport

  • Massage can help to relieve symptoms of PMS or headaches

  • Massage can help increase range of motion in soft tissue structures for those living with osteoarthritis

  • Pregnancy massage can help those suffering pain during pregnancy

  • Massage can also help relieve people of postural tension.

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