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Looking for a massage Northcote? We offer the best remedial massage in Northcote and the surrounding suburbs in Melbourne. Whether you want your pain, aches and stiffness to go away or want a relaxing experience, Motion Myotherapy has a variety of treatments for you. Serving patients across Northcote and the nearby suburbs, we provide massage treatments tailored to your specific needs. We consider your physical and mental wellbeing to come up with a personalised treatment that puts your aches and pains behind you.


Massage can be tailored depending on your problem. It can be deep or gentle. Remedial massage can help you find the cause of pain and speed up the healing process. Visit our massage therapist in Northcote today.

Our physical therapy clinic provides Remedial massage in Northcote Victoria servicing the city of Melbourne Australia. Motion Myotherapy delivers Remedial massage on High Street Northcote.

Services we offer are:   


Remedial Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Dry Needling



If you would like to know what is Remedial Massage or the different types of manual therapies we offer read our blog post. If you are looking for Remedial Massage near me in your local Northcote area and surrounding suburbs of Thornbury, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Preston and Fairfield be sure to book an appointment online or call on 0391142890

Remedial Massage Northcote

We strive to offer the best Remedial Massage in Northcote Melbourne. Our physical therapy massage clinic is near the corner on High Street and Dennis Street a short trip from the Northcote Plaza. Not only do we provide massage therapy we also provide sports massage, deep tissue massage, Myotherapy, Lymphatic drainage massage and Pregnancy Massage in Northcote for mum pre and postnatal. 

Motion Myotherapy is conveniently located at 486 High Street Northcote. The massage clinic is easily accessed via public transport located outside is tram stop 35 at the corner of Dennis Street and High Street Northcote.

Remedial Massage Northcote
Myotherapy Northcote Remedal Massage

Our Range Of Treatments Includes:

Myotherapy Northcote: 

Our myotherapy treatment is all about identifying and treating the underlying causes and the symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions. Our myotherapists use a range of manual and physical techniques to treat and prevent them from coming back.

Remedial Massage Northcote: 

If you have been suffering from muscular dysfunction, you could benefit from our remedial massage therapy. We bring your body to a pain-free, balanced condition using a variety of techniques such as Neuromuscular Technique, Muscle Energy Technique and Soft Tissue Release.

Dry Needling Northcote: 

Our dry needling therapy is effective at eliminating trigger points caused by acute and chronic injuries. It is also good at stimulating healing chronic tendon problems such as tennis elbow and Achilles tendonitis.

Pregnancy Massage Northcote:

Pregnancy is indeed a demanding time for expectant mothers both mentally and physically. Our diplomatic pregnancy massage sessions will relax your body and mind while releasing any tension accumulated in your muscles.

Cupping Northcote:

Cupping is an exceptional technique wherein a therapist places special cups on your skin to create suction. This technique helps you with pain, blood flow, inflammation, relaxation and overall wellbeing.  

What are you waiting for? Call (03) 9114 2890 and book an appointment with one of our therapists to get rid of pain, muscle injury and stress.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost for remedial massage?

Remedial Massage for the 45 minutes is $95, 1hr $110 and $145 for 90 minutes. Private health rebates are available so bring your private health card with you to your session to use with the HICAPS machine.

What to do and not to after massage?

If it's your first time please fill out an initial client form online attached to your email reminder so you can relax and not rush when you get to the clinic. Drink plenty of water before and not over eat leading up to the massage. After your massage you might be sore so avoid any vigorous exercise and again stay hydrated. The best thing to do is move and go for a walk and not sit for long periods.

How long between treatment?

Having a few treatments close together at the start every week is ideal if in pain and stiffness then for maintenance treatment every 3 week to 4 weeks for follow up check in massage treatments for prevention.

Does my private health fund give me rebates for Remedial Massage and Myotherapy?

Yes, if you have extras included on your private health insurance. At the clinic you can claim on the spot via the HICAPS machine and pay the gap amount for Myotherapy and Remedial Massage. When you make a claim you only pay the gap amount. Please check with your private health fund before to know if you are covered with extras and how much you are expected to pay for Myotherapy and Remedial Massage treatemnts.

What are the health services you provide?

We provide Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Dry Needling, Cupping and we also have an in-house Chiropractor available.

What geographical suburb areas does Motion Myotherapy service?

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Motion Myotherapy Northcote provides massage services to suburbs of Northcote, Thornbury, Fitzroy, Fairfield, Brunswick and Preston of Melbourne in the City of Darebin. We provide high rated Melbourne Massage Therapy and Myotherapy to the local community and pride ourselves on our great professional, highly rated and personal massage service.

Do you offer late night massage after-hours services?

Motion Myotherapy clinic is open after hours Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm. Its easy and convenient to book online via mobile or IPad on the go as we know our busy clients appreciate our after hour appointment times as they work long hours themselves and at times find it difficult to book Myotherapy and Remedial Massage in Melbourne. Book Online now for your next Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Melbourne near you. Please call 0391142890 to contact our office within working hours.

What is Myotherapy Treatment and What to Expect?

What is Myotherapy all about? A Myotherapist is a soft tissue speclist who treats muscles, joints and nerves. Myotherapy is a manual branch of medicine which is a 'hands-on' treatment used for many injuries and conditions. Myotherapy identifies the cause of pain resulting from either improper posture, poor biomechanics and/or injury. What to Expect from Your First Myotherapy Session? If an injury is involved a physical assessment is first done to determine what structures are involved, range of motion and associated muscle guarding. Myotherapy can be used for general maintenace of the body as a preventative therapy.

What experience, certificates do your therapists have to qualify for the job?

Our highly trained Myotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapist have completed university courses of a Bachelor of Health Science - Clinical Myotherapy and Diploma of Remedial Massage Advanced Myotherapy in Melbourne. This certificate qualification is keep up to date with professional development points every year with their associations Myotherapy Association Australia and Massage & Myotherapy Australia. Our therpists have experience in treating athletes, busy mums and office workers with all types of injuries and body complains. ​​

Is Motion Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Near Me?

Motion Myotherapy is located at 486 High St, Northcote VIC 3070. Our clinic is nearby Melbourne CBD. For Google maps directions please click here or search Motion Myotherapy Northcote.

Is there parking at the clinic?

Street parking is 1 hour out the front on High Street between 9am to 6pm and 8:30am to 12:30pm on Saturday. All day parking is closely located at Coles car park via Dennis Street.

What Is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage performed by a Remedial Massage Therapist is a form of deep tissue medical massage focusing on tight and restricted soft tissue causing sore muscles and aching joints. Remedial Massage Therapy aims to increase soft tissue flexibility, joint mobility assisting in recovery and prevention. Book a Melbourne Remedial Massage near me today.


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Northcote is quickly becoming a growing inner suburb in Melbourne Victoria. Northcote is in high demand for professional health services like medical massage, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and Pregnancy Massage to serve the fast increasing population. We treat the local Northcote Darebin community of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs of Thornbury, Fitzroy, Fairfield, Brunswick and Preston areas.