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Looking for a massage in Northcote or nearby suburbs? We offer the best remedial massage in Melbourne. Massage can be tailored depending on your problem. It can be deep or gentle. Remedial massage can help you find the cause of pain and speed up the healing process. Visit our massage therapist in Northcote today.

Our physical therapy clinic provides Remedial massage in Northcote Victoria servicing the city of Melbourne Australia. Motion Myotherapy delivers Remedial massage on High Street Northcote.

Services we offer are: 


Remedial Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Dry Needling



If you would like to know what is Remedial Massage or the different types of manual therapies we offer read our blog post. If you are looking for Remedial Massage near me in your local Northcote area and surrounding suburbs of Thornbury, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Preston and Fairfield be sure to book an appointment online or call on 0391142890

Remedial Massage Northcote

We strive to offer the best Remedial Massage in Northcote Melbourne. Our physical therapy massage clinic is near the corner on High Street and Dennis Street a short trip from the Northcote Plaza. Not only do we provide massage therapy we also provide sports massage, deep tissue massage, Myotherapy, Lymphatic drainage massage and Pregnancy Massage in Northcote for mum pre and postnatal. 

Motion Myotherapy is conveniently located at 486 High Street Northcote. The massage clinic is easily accessed via public transport located outside is tram stop 35 at the corner of Dennis Street and High Street Northcote.

Remedial Massage Northcote
Myotherapy Northcote Remedal Massage


Address: 486 High St, Northcote VIC 3070





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Sunday 9 am-6 pm

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Northcote is quickly becoming a growing inner suburb in Melbourne Victoria. Northcote is in high demand for professional health services like medical massage, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and Pregnancy Massage to serve the fast increasing population. We treat the local Northcote Darebin community of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs of Thornbury, Fitzroy, Fairfield, Brunswick and Preston areas.