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Grand Opening of Motion Myotherapy | Best Remedial Massage and Myotherapy in Northcote Melbourne

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The Northcote community and surrounding suburbs Thornbury, Fairfield, Fitzroy and Brunswick have been waiting for professional Remedial Massage and Myotherapy services on High Street Northcote.

Well the wait is over! With the opening of the new health clinic, we welcome the community to come and experience our services in treating and managing chronic pain, headaches, lower back pain, postural issues, shoulder and neck conditions and any other tight and sore muscles you might have from work, recreation or just life.

Our therapists offer Remedial Massage, Myotherapy and also Chiropractic to get you feeling great again relieving pain fast. Don't let pain stop you and effect your sports, hobby or life. Get your health back on track. Remedial Massage benefits not only your muscles but also a great way to de-stress with our busy lifestyle. No matter what the reason we are here to help you get better and to stay that way! That's why we do what we do at Motion Myotherapy!

Our trained Remedial Massage therapists and Myotherapists get incredible results with those who spend too long at their desk staring at their computer getting irritating neck and upper back pain. Those that have low back pain and sciatica issues wither chronic or acute. We also enjoy treating calf, hammy, quad, and glute tightness that might be limiting your sporting performance.

Remedial Massage Northcote Myotherapy Melbourne

What to Expect For Your Initial Myotherapy or Remedial Massage Session.

You don't need a referral from a doctor to see us. Initially your therapists will ask all relevant questions related to your injury, pain or soreness to get the full history and insight into the cause and start to understand the aggravating factors of the issue. If needed a quick physical assessment is done to assess range of motion and special tests to investigate the problem further. If past medical imaging has be performed like an MRI , X-ray or ultrasound please bring the report along to the session.

Your therapist will advice you of a treatment plan that is individually tailed to the client's presentation aimed to decrease pain, increase movement, correct any dysfunction and promote healing. Techniques may include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, Dry Needling, Remedial Massage, joint mobility and prescription of targeted corrective exercises.

If you have private health and are covered with extras you can get private health insurance rebates for Remedial Massage and Myotherapy. With easy booking online its never been easier to look after your health. Book Online Now! You'll be glad you did.

Find out more about Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Melbourne at Motion Myotherapy Northcote.

Book Online for Myotherapy and Remedial Massage

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